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  At Cutters Concepts we are dedicated to providing efficient, affordable service to meet all your small to mid size home improvement needs. Let us put our training and over 20 years of experience into your home improvement, maintenance, repair, renovation or remodeling project.



- Faucets- Sinks

- Toilets

- Drains

- Disposers

- Shower / tub units


- Ceiling / attic fans- Exhaust fans

- Dryer vents

- Light fixtures

- Electrical switches and receptacles

- Circuit breaker and circuit boxes

- Electrical wiring

- Cat 5 network cable and telephone lines and receptacles

- Cable / Satellite coaxial cable and receptacles

               General Home Maintenance

- Garage door repair- Garage door opener installation and repair

- Door lock and handle installations.

- Painting and drywall repair

- Appliance repair

- Window installations

- Concrete painting and resurfacing

- Landscaping, retaining walls, paver patios

       Kitchen and bath remodeling

- Ceramic tile- Laminate & hardwood installation

- Cabinets & counter-tops

Routine maintenance on a home is not only makes the home look good but can also save you money.


Here are a few things that can help you stay ahead of the maintenance game.


1. Check ceilings, walls, and floors for discoloration. This is often caused by water leaks and can be potentially disastrous. Not only because of the damage to surfaces such as wood and drywall, but water can cause mold which may be harmful to you and your family.


2. Check sinks, drains and disposers for leaks. This can be done visually by filling the sink and checking the plumbing underneath for drips.


3. Check toilets for running or flushing themselves as well as faucets for dripping as these can waste large amounts of water over time.


4. Flush the hot water tank periodically. Minerals get deposited on the bottom due to the way it is heated and can decrees efficiency.


 In today’s economy you should expect more for you hard earned money. With 20 years experience in all facets of home repair & maintenance, we can fix almost anything. We pride ourselves on honest, high quality work at affordable prices.